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Who we are

We are the best team in hill landscaping and we started working for some companies in the early 10’s. We did some small projects as well as some quite big ones. We are a totally specialized team and for us size does NOT matter, what matters is the quality we can deliver. Quality is our goal and we take it very seriously to deliver it to our clients.


Doing this work is part of our life.

In each and every project we deliver we are not just doing the work; we deliver part of our lives, our hearts. We treat these beautiful properties as if they were our own. We live there, through our work.


Not just the VIPs we have served, but people like us. People who serve us in our daily lives, people humble enough to offer us a drink during those hot, dry summer days.


Over the years, we have also learned that humility is a value that transcends class boundaries and economic levels of any kind. That is why we are honored to serve as many customers as we can, and we do it as experts, so that all our customers are satisfied.

Years of Experience
  • Flagstone Pathways
  • Walkways and Pathways
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Wooden Fences
  • Stone Walls
  • Pool Decks
  • And more...
20+Years of Experience
The best in hill landscaping service in California.
25kHappy Families
Natural Home!
We have worked on more than 4280 homes
90+Commercial Services
Satisfied businesses!
Enhancing environments with landscaping
40+Served areas
We go to more cities!
We are performing work in most of California








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Here at Hills Landscaping inc we have many years of hard work and experience, we have become the best in Hills Landscaping service, we can leave your home with a beautiful landscape, and we can also leave your commercials with beautiful landscapes that everyone will love.

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Experience, creativity and responsibility in any project.